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Speaker: Chunjing Yuan

Title: Matching of Service and Network in Mobile Communications

In order to support the booming capacity requirements for the next generation mobile communication system, Heterogeneous Ultradense Network (HUDN) is believed as a promising solution. The corresponding standardisation and filed deployments of HDN have been conducted. But the lower energy efficiency and severer interferences caused by densely deployed Base Stations are still the two main obstacles for HUDNs. This talk addresses on above challenges and proposes Active Offloading strategy with collaboration communications to improve the system energy efficiency and decrease interferences. We also research the traffic cell zooming and small cell sleeping based on zooming factor and power consumption. First of all, the transmission power is only considered. In order to minimize transmission power, macro cell users have a trend to offload to macro cell. Shrinking macro cell service coverage, small cell area will expand. And users are served by low power base station and meet the requirement. Then considering base station hardware power and transmission power, small cell should be sleeping to reduce power consumption and achieve green energy. The small cells which serve little users are going to sleep.

Chunjing Yuan is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree with School of Information and Communication Engineering at Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, China. His research interests include active offloading and green communications.

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Venue: Francis Bancroft 3.11

Time and Date: 2 to 3 PM, Wednesday, 21/06/17.

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Seminar: Chunjing Yuan