Speaker: Claudiu Perta

Title:  Exploiting Delay Patterns for User IPs Identification in Cellular Networks


A surprisingly high number of mobile carriers worldwide do not block unsolicited traffic from reaching their mobile devices from the open Internet or from within the cellular network. This exposes mobile users to a class of low-resource attacks that could compromise their privacy and security. This presentation describes a methodology that allows an adversary to identify a victim device in the cellular network by just sending messages to its user through one or more messaging apps available today on the mobile market. By leveraging the delay patterns produced at different radio states together with the near real-time characteristics of push-based services, we experimentally show that ~20 messages are sufficient to identify the target device.

Date: 2nd  July, 2014.

Time: 14.00-15.00 hrs

Venue:  QMUL Math 1.03


2014 July 2- Claudiu Perta