Network Virtualization is a growing technological process that combines the hardware and software elements in the physical networks and brings it together on a software level. The aim of this project is to develop the process of deploying virtual networks easily.

The project involves a software developed by us called ‚ÄúTOGETHER: TOpology GEneration THrough HEuRistics” written in Perl in its simplest form without dependencies so that it could be deployed on any environment. TOGETHER is an isomorphic graph modelling solution used to allow users to make use of topology generators and software like AutoNetkit to make topologies that work on virtual systems.

TOGETHER is designed to work in Juniper Networks Virtual Private Cloud architecture and has possibilities for supporting much more. TOGETHER also manages how multiple topologies are interconnected and aims to help researchers work with network virtualization.


2012 Oct 17 – Subin Mathew