Academic Staff

Prof Steve Uhlig (Head) Internet Measurements, Software Defined Networking, Content Delivery
Prof Jonathan Pitts Quality of Experience, Quality of Service, Network Behaviour
Prof Yue Chen Wireless Networks, Internet of Things, Smart Grid
Dr Felix Cuadrado Cloud Computing, Autonomic Computing, Big Data Processing
Dr Richard Clegg Internet Measurements, Network Performance, Topological Models
Dr. Ignacio Castro Network economics, SDN, routing policies
Dr Joseph Doyle Cloud Computing, Green Computing, Cognitive Research Management and Control Theory
Dr Gianni Antichi Network Monitoring, Software Defined Networking, Programmable Dataplanes
Dr Sukhpal Singh Gill Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Fog Computing, Big Data
Dr Chris Phillips Resource Management, Optical Networks, Internet Resilience
Dr John Schormans Network Performance Analysis, Network Measurement, Quality of Experience
Dr Eliane Bodanese Wireless Systems, Message Oriented Middleware, Internet of Things
Dr Vindya Wijeratne Bufferbloat and Flow Performance, Scheduling, Virtual Testbeds
Dr Raul Mondragon Connectivity of Networks, Complex Systems, Topological Models
Dr Michael Chai Mobile Networks, Internet of Things, Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Dr Yan Sun Cross layer Routing, Mobile Ad Hoc, Internet of Things
Dr Gareth Tyson Internet measurements, social computing, security
Dr. Zafar Gilani Social networks, bot detection, computer networks/td>
Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Tajiki Network monitoring, SDN, Resource allocation, SFC
Sagar Joglekar Deep learning, social dynamics, complex networks
Aravindh Raman Internet measurements, mobile computing, ICT4D
Sebastiano Miano Programmable data planes, Network Function Virtualization

PhD Students

Naomi Arnold Complex networks
Adrian Woodrough Handover in Satellite Networks, Performance Modelling, Simulation
Fei Luo Geographic information system, Machine learning, Human behaviour detection
Aini Li Resource Allocation, OFDMA Networks, Quality of Service
Liumeng Song Machine to Machine, Scheduling, Energy Efficiency
Hussein Walugembe Patient rehabilitation, sensor Networks
Hayat Mohammed A Alfagham Link Prediction, graph theory
Jie Deng Networking for BigData; Online video streaming
Timm Böttger Internet Measurements, Content Delivery, Internet Exchange Points
Yuhang Dai Buffer bloat, quality of experience, queue management
Jingjing Zhao Device-to-device communication; resource allocation; matching theory
Fengyu Jiang Computer Networks
Yuhui Yao Mobile Ad Hoc, Internet of Things, Software Defined Networking
Bingyu Xu Resource Allocation, Optimization, Energy Cooperation
Mujtaba Roshan Experimentation with Routers, Traffic Generation, QoE
Yanru Wang Low Power Wi-Fi
Nourin Kadir Interdependent Network: Internet of Things, Complex Networks
Benjamin Alexander Steer Distributed Systems, Streaming Data, Graphs, Temporal Data
Chao Liu Resource allocation, smart grid
Xiangyu He Cloud Radio Access Network, Resource Allocation
Habiba Akter Segment Super Highway, Network
Eder Leão Fernandes Software Defined Networking, simulation, inter-domain routing, packet classification
Nazrul Islam Free space Optical Networks
Jinze Yang Routing and caching in ICN, DTN, Ad Hoc Networks, Sensor Networks
Damilola Ibosiola Content Distribution, Internet Measurments and Networks
Jiayu Men Distributed artificial sensory system
Mathangi Sridharan Internet Of Things, ADL (Activities of Daily Life) Recognition