Academic Staff

Prof Steve Uhlig (Head) Internet Measurements, Software Defined Networking, Content Delivery
Prof Yue Chen Wireless Networks, Internet of Things, Smart Grid
Dr Gianni Antichi Network Monitoring, Software Defined Networking, Programmable Dataplanes
Dr Felix Cuadrado (visiting) Cloud Computing, Autonomic Computing, Big Data Processing
Dr Richard Clegg Internet Measurements, Network Performance, Topological Models
Dr. Ignacio Castro Network economics, SDN, routing policies
Dr Joseph Doyle Cloud Computing, Green Computing, Cognitive Research Management and Control Theory
Dr Sukhpal Singh Gill Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Fog Computing, Big Data
Dr Chris Phillips Resource Management, Optical Networks, Internet Resilience
Dr John Schormans Network Performance Analysis, Network Measurement, Quality of Experience
Dr Eliane Bodanese Wireless Systems, Message Oriented Middleware, Internet of Things
Dr Vindya Wijeratne Bufferbloat and Flow Performance, Scheduling, Virtual Testbeds
Dr Raul Mondragon Connectivity of Networks, Complex Systems, Topological Models
Dr Michael Chai Mobile Networks, Internet of Things, Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Dr Yan Sun Cross layer Routing, Mobile Ad Hoc, Internet of Things
Dr Matthew Tang Energy Efficient Computing Architectures, Reconfigurable Computing, Electronic Design Automation
Dr Gareth Tyson Internet measurements, Web, social computing
Dr Ahmed M. Abdelmoniem System design and optimization for ML systems, distributed systems, computer and wireless networks.
Dr Bruno Ordozgoiti Graph mining, social network analysis, approximation algorithms
Research Associates
Dr. Mladen Karan NLP, machine learning, protocol standardisation
Dr. Prashant Khare Social networks, data mining, NLP
Dr. Imane Hafnaoui Swarm Intelligence, Real-Time Systems, AI
Dr. Sebastiano Miano Programmable data planes, Network Function Virtualization
PhD Students
Naomi Arnold Complex networks
Ishaku Hassan Anaobi Internet measurements, decentralised web
Wenrui Zuo Social media, content moderation
Haris Bin Zia Social media, online harm, natural language proessing
Alireza Sanaee Programmable data planes, end-host networking
Jonatan Langlet Programmable networking, hardware
Xiaohan Zhao Computer Architecture for Approximate Computing
Hengda Yin Graph theory, path optimisation
Matt Barnes Complex networks, equality, mobility
Saeid Ghafouri Cloud computing, resource allocation, machine learning
Fouad Sakr Cloud computing, resource allocation
Junchao Wang Wireless communications
Waleed Iqbal Social computing, content moderation, bibliometrics
Yimeng Gu Content moderation, natural language processing
Fahad Ahmed Affective Computing, Serious Games, Computational Modelling, Machine Learning.
Umair Bilal Chaudhry UAV, MANET, Caching, Sensor Networks
Rezvi Shahariar VANET, Trust Frameworks
Ammar Yasir Naich Machine learning, Computer Vision, Visual Perception for Autonomous Vehicles, IoT
Kishan Sthankiya 5G, data analysis, machine learning
Sundas Iftikhar Resource Management, Fog computing, Machine learning
Yemisi Oyeleke Computer networking
Muhammed Golec Security and Privacy, IoT, Serverless Computing