The networks group had three papers accepted for the prestigious AIII Conference on Web and Social Media

Vibhor Agarwal, Aravindh Raman, Nishanth Sastry, Ahmed M. Abdelmoniem, Gareth Tyson, and Ignacio Castro. “Decentralised Moderation for Interoperable Social Networks: A Conversation-based Approach for Pleroma and the Fediverse.” AAAI ICWSM, 2024.

Yupeng He, Yimeng Gu, Dr. Ravi Shekhar, Ignacio Castro, and Gareth Tyson. “Making the Pick: Understanding Professional Editor Comment Curation in Online News.” AAAI ICWSM, 2024.

Matthew Barnes, Mladen Karan, Stephen McQuistin, Colin Perkins, Gareth Tyson, Matthew Purver, Ignacio Castro, and Richard Clegg. Temporal Network Analysis of Email Communication Patterns in a Long Standing Hierarchy.” AAAI ICWSM, 2024.

Networks group ICWSM publication success November 2023