The Networks Research Group was established in 1987 and is active in key areas of networking including Internet measurements, quality of service, mobile communications, intelligent network management and network analysis. The group has an international reputation for excellence; our  work is regularly published in prestigious venues such as SIGCOMM, IMC, CoNEXT, INFOCOM, WWW and various premier IEEE/ACM Transactions. The group is also highly active in community activities, recently organising conferences such as IMC’17, SIGCOMM’15, DEV’15 and TMA’14. We run seminars every Wednesday – please get in touch if you’d like to attend or present!

Current Research Activities

  • Internet measurements
  • Topology theory and resilience
  • Cloud computing
  • Content distribution
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital and social media
  • Green computing
  • Cognitive radio
  • Cooperative wireless and MIMO