The agenda for the seminar this week is listed below:

Speaker: Jinze Yang

Title: Information-Centric Content Transmission Scheme for Internet of Things Networks in Opportunistic Areas.


The Internet of Things (IoTs) technologies can be very helpful for collecting environmental data in disaster areas. However, disasters can damage communication infrastructures, which in turn can result in unstable connections between devices. In such scenarios, opportunistic approaches can be considered for the challenging task of data dissemination.
Information-centric networks (ICNs) allow data to be retrieved by their own identifier instead of by using an information source identifier. Combined with delay tolerance features, ICNs constitute a promising approach for data dissemination with unstable connections in disaster areas. However, the dynamics of the delivery process in ICNs remain poorly understood, especially the replication and removal of data.
In this PhD study, the dynamics of the delivery process in ICN is modeled and analysed. To understand the process of content dissemination in ICN, the delay distribution and storage ratio are used to measure the performance of the network. The CONventional ICN (CONI) model is proposed to quantify the relationship between delay allowance, delay distribution, and storage ratio. Having CONI as a baseline model, new models are developed to study the mechanisms affecting the delay and storage. The proposed models are analytically examined and validated by computer simulations and show an accurate estimation of the performance of studied mechanisms.

The approaches developed to study the mechanisms affecting in this thesis will be useful to provide insight and quantitative estimations for designing practical ICNs in opportunistic areas.

Venue: Room 2.41 (Francis Bancroft Building)

Time and Date: 2 to 3 PM, Wednesday, 18th September 2019.

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Seminar by Jinze Yang