The agenda for the seminar this week is listed below.

Speaker: Prof. George Xylomenos

Title: Multi-Flow Congestion Control with Network Assistance

A well-known technique for enhancing the performance and stability of content distribution is the use of multiple dissemination flows. Multipath TCP (MPTCP), the most popular multiflow protocol on the Internet, allows receivers to exploit multiple paths towards a single sender. Nevertheless, MPTCP cannot fully exploit the potential gains of multipath connectivity, as it must fairly share resources with (single-flow) TCP, without a clear understanding of whether the available paths do share any bottleneck links. In this paper, we introduce a hybrid congestion control algorithm for multisource and multipath transport that enables higher bandwidth utilization compared to MPTCP, while remaining friendly to TCP-like flows. Our solution employs (i) an in-network module that offers essential topological information and (ii) Normalized Multiflow Congestion Control (NMCC), a novel end-to-end congestion control algorithm. While NMCC is architecture-independent and the in-network module can be adapted for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) or Software Defined Networks (SDNs), our prototype was implemented on the Publish-Subscribe Internetworking (PSI) architecture, which offers centralized path formation and source routing. Using an actual protocol implementation deployed on our test-bed, we provide experimental results which validate the effectiveness of our design in terms of performance, adaptation to shifting network conditions and friendliness to other flows. This presentation is based on the paper with the same name that appeared at IFIP Networking 2016.

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Venue: Eng. 216

Time and Date: 2 to 3 PM, Wednesday, 18/01/17.

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2017 Jan 18 – Prof. George Xylomenos