The agenda for the seminar this week is listed below.

Speaker: Mathangi Sridharan

Title: Support for Depression Management at Home Through the Interpretation of Heterogeneous Sensor Data and Indoor Positioning System

There has been a significant increase in the number of people suffering from depression lately. Recent clinical research has suggested that a high success rate and much reduced suicide risk is plausible with relevant goal setting followed by careful monitoring of activities being carried out. However, mental healthcare services are significantly under resourced and are looking at other alternatives that can address these needs and reduce the burden on care co-ordinators. The aim of this research is to build a prototype that interprets the daily activities of a person under psychiatric care at their own homes. Data collection is done using a combination of non-intrusive sensors and a reliable indoor positioning system to help understand behaviour patterns of the person. Two different types of positioning systems were tested and analysed on which would be best to track the locus of the patient. One of them is the popular iBeacon Technology promoted by Apple and the other is a type of Real Time Location System from DecaWave based on Ultra Wideband Technology. The preliminary results will be discussed and analysed in this talk. A brief discussion on the different phases involved in activity recognition will also be presented.

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Venue: Eng. 324

Time and Date: 2 to 3 PM, Wednesday, 12/10/16.

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2016 Oct 12th — Mathangi Sridharan