The agenda for the seminar this week is listed below.
Speaker: Tianhao Guo
Title:  QoE Oriented Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks
A recent discovery is that end users of the network do not necessarily benefit from the network Quality of Service (QoS) that a network can provide, while Quality of Experience (QoE) was proposed to address this.
QoE is an ultimate metric regardless of services and it is also an unified and standard metric. Resource Allocation (RA) has been a popular problem in wireless network research, which includes different kinds of networks (cognitive radio network, D2D networks and so on) and various resources (subchannel, spectrum, power, bandwidth). I will show the difference of subjective QoE and objective QoE, and give examples of how QoE changes RA problem.
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Venue: Eng. 209
Time and Date: 2 to 3 PM, Wednesday, 06/04/16.
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2016 April 6th — Tianhao Guo