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Speaker: Anqi He

Title: Massive MIMO in K-tier Heterogeneous Cellular Networks: Coverage and Rate

This paper exploits the potential of massive multiple- input multiple output (MIMO) in K-tier heterogeneous cellular networks (HCNs), to enhance the data rate for 5G. In such a network, macro base stations (MBSs) are equipped with large number of antennas and support multi-user transmission. We first examine the impact of massive MIMO on user association in K-tier HCNs. Exact and asymptotic expressions for the probability of a user being associated with a macro cell or a small cell are derived. Based on the asymptotic analysis, the impacts of system parameters such as tier’s density and BS transmit power on user association are explicitly identified. Furthermore, we derive the coverage probability and rate of the proposed network. Numerical results corroborate our analysis and show that the implementation of massive MIMO in macro cells can significantly enhance the performance of HCNs in terms of coverage and rate. A guideline for practical cellular deployment is reached that MBSs with large antenna arrays can decrease the demands for small cells.

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Venue: Eng. 216

Time and Date: 2 to 3 PM, Wednesday, 18/11/15.

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2015 Nov 18th — Anqi He