The agenda for the seminar is listed below.

Speaker: Yuhang Dai

Title: Buffer De-bloating in Wireless Access Networks with Smart Queue Management

Excessive buffering used in today’s networks cause packets at the tail of the buffer to suffer from large queuing delays. Packets are contained in the buffer instead of being dropped, which leads TCP to increase the sending rate, making the situation even worse. This phenomenon is referred to as bufferbloat. Interactive applications, such as video streaming, voice over IP and gaming are delay-sensitive and cannot tolerate the effects of bufferbloat. It also affects the Quality of Experience (QoE) of web browsing. Active Queue Management provides a means of reducing the queue length in the buffer regardless of the physical capacity. Scheduling schemes can also help improve QoE and Quality of Service (QoS); AQMs and scheduling schemes together with other technologies such as traffic shaping, is referred to as Smart Queue Management (SQM). A number of works have been done by various research groups on SQM in wired networks; however, there is little work on done on wireless environments. As wireless access networks (e.g. Wi-Fi and cellular) is currently an integral part of daily life, this work aims to alleviate the bufferbloat phenomenon and improve QoS and QoE, in wireless access networks via SQM.

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Venue: Eng. 209

Time and Date: 2 to 3 PM, Wednesday, 15/07/15.

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2015 Jul 15th — Yuhang Dai