The agenda for the seminar is listed below.

Speaker: Yanru Wang

Title: Energy Efficient Channel Access Mechanism for Low Power Wi-Fi
IEEE 802.11ah has been proposed as one of the communication technologies for Internet of Things (IoT) with a large number of sensors and devices. IEEE 802.11ah is a new Physical and Medium Access Control (MAC) design that operates in the sub-one-gigahertz band. One of the new MAC layer functionalities is Restricted Access Window (RAW), which is being introduced to decrease collision for massive access. The current research on the energy efficient IEEE 802.11ah mainly focus on medium access control and maximizing sleep time, but very limited in determining the RAW size with reliable grouping algorithm and wake time of each devices. The size and grouping method of RAW affect both transmission energy and overhead information in the networks.

This presentation will introduce the medium access control’s technologies for Low Power Wi-Fi/IEEE 802.11ah in massive access and followed by my current research on further improving the energy efficiency of MAC for IEEE 802.11ah.

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Venue: Eng. 209

Time and Date: 2 to 3 PM, Wednesday, 17/06/15.

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2015 June 17th – Yanru Wang