Speaker:    Dantong Liu

Title: Two Dimensional Optimization on User Association and Green Energy Allocation for HetNets with Hybrid Energy Sources


In green communications, it is imperative to reduce the total on-grid energy consumption as well as minimize the peak on-grid energy consumption, since the large peak on-grid energy consumption will translate into the high operational expenditure (OPEX) for mobile network operators. In this paper, we consider the two dimensional optimization to lexicographically minimize the on-grid energy consumption in heterogeneous networks (HetNets). All the base stations (BSs) therein are envisioned to be powered by both power grid and renewable energy sources, and the harvested energy can be stored in rechargeable batteries. The lexicographic minimization of on-grid energy consumption involves the optimization in both the space and time dimensions, due to the temporal and spatial dynamics of mobile traffic and green energy generation. The independence nature of this two dimensional optimization allows us to decompose the problem into two sub-optimization problems without loss of optimality of the original optimization problem. We first formulate the user association optimization in space dimension via convex optimization to minimize total energy consumption through distributing the traffic across different BSs appropriately in a certain time slot. We then optimize the green energy allocation across different time slots for an individual BS to lexicographically minimize the on-grid energy consumption. To solve the optimization problem, we propose the low complexity optimal offline algorithm with infinite battery capacity by assuming non-causal green energy and traffic information. The proposed optimal offline algorithm serves as performance upper bound for evaluating practical online algorithms. We further develop some heuristic online algorithms with finite battery capacity which require only causal green energy and traffic information. The performances of the proposed optimal offline and online algorithms are evaluated by simulations.

Venue: Eng. 209

Time and Date: 2 to 3 PM, Wednesday, 1/04/15.


2015 Apr 1 – Dantong Liu