Speaker: Yansha Deng

Title:  Capacity of the Molecular Timing Channel with Synchronization Error


Molecular communication is set to play an important role in the design of complex biological systems. An
important class of molecular communication systems is based on the timing channel, where information is encoded in the delay of the transmitted molecule—a synchronous approach. At present, a widely used modeling assumption is the perfect synchronization between the transmitter and the receiver. Unfortunately, this assumption is unlikely to hold in most practical molecular systems. To remedy this, we introduce the molecular timing channel with synchronization error. To quantify the behavior of this new system, we derive upper and lower bounds on the variance-constrained capacity, which can be viewed as the step between the mean-delay constrained capacity and the peak delay constrained capacity. By doing so, new practical insights are obtained from the numerical evaluation of our bounds. In particular, we observe that in order to achieve the capacity with perfect synchronization, the drift velocity of the clock links does not need to be significantly larger than the drift velocity of the information link.

Date: 22th  Oct, 2014.

Time: 14.00-13.00 hrs

Venue:  Eng209.

2014 Oct 22- Yansha Deng