Speaker: Yuanwei Liu

Title:  Energy Harvesting in Wireless Networks


Energy harvesting is an effective means to prolong the life of a wireless network, and has recently received remarkable attention since it is increasingly contributing to green communication. With the recent advancements in the technology of low power devices (e.g. efficient DC-DC convertors and antenna rectifiers), it has been shown that ambient radio-frequency (RF) signals is a new promising source for harvesting energy and is expected to be implemented in low power networks in near future. The motivation behind this approach lies in the fact that most devices are surrounded by RF signals, and potentially, energy and information can be carried together by the RF signals during transmission. This talk will cover topics mainly on two parts: 1) Two-Way Relay Networks with Wireless Power Transfer 2) Wireless Energy Harvesting in Spectrum Sharing Network.

Date: 15th  Oct, 2014.

Time: 15.00-16.00 hrs

Venue:  Mat103.

2014 Oct 15- ​Yuanwei Liu