Speaker1: Juliusz Chroboczek

Title : Babel — A Routing Protocol for Hybrid Networks


Babel is a loop-avoiding routing protocol that was originally designed to be efficient and robust in both wired networks and wireless meshes. Babel is a modular protocol, and cleanly separates the routing core from metric computation and route selection, which makes it easy to adapt to new situations. 

In this talk, I will make a quick introduction to the Babel routing protocol.  I will show how routing loops occur in other protocols, and how Babel manages to avoid them.  I will also describe our recent work on extending the protocol to new situations, notably source-sensitive routing and delay-based routing.




Juliusz Chroboczek is a lecturer at the University Paris-Diderot.  He is the designer and main implementer of the Babel routing protocol. Currently, his research revolves around implementing and evaluating unusual routing paradigms.  He previously worked on efficiently implementing concurrency using source-to-source transformations.

Speaker2: Anders Lindgren

Title :  Understanding human behaviour in cellular networks


Traffic from wireless and mobile devices is expected to soon exceed traffic from fixed devices. Understanding the behaviour of users on mobile devices is thus very important in order to improve the offered services and the provision of the underlying network. In this talk, I will present some preliminary work on analysis of a large (5TB) data set of traffic traces from a national cellular network operator, and our initial findings. I will present some overall statistics of the network usage, and then go into some more detailed results for one particular application, and study the characteristics of YouTube user requests in the network.
Our results provide an insight into the way people use YouTube on mobile devices, and we also show some potential of performance enhancements possible through caching of video content in the access network.


Anders Lindgren received his Ph.D. from Luleå University of Technology in 2006. He is currently working at SICS, the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, as a senior researcher. His research interests include opportunistic and information-centric networking, communication and computation in challenged environments, efficient IoT, and big data analytics for mobile networks.

Date: 5th  March, 2014.

Time: 14.00-15.00 hrs

Venue:  QMUL Maths:1.03

2014 March 5- Juliusz Chroboczek & Anders Lindgren