Speaker: Dariusz Król

Title : On Understanding  Social Propagations


Propagation phenomenon is an important problem that has been studied within varied research fields and application domains, leading to the development of propagation based models and techniques in social informatics. These models are briefly surveyed in this talk. However, there exist many common noteworthy challenges to be addressed for the practical use of this phenomenon such as the increased complexity of social networks, its increasingly dynamic behaviour, the need for continued survival or rapid decline, and permanent threat of potential cascading errors and malicious attacks. This talk discusses common features and two selected scenarios of propagation mechanisms based on symmetric push-pull activity that frequently occur in social networks. In social propagation, investigation of spreading actions, ordering them in time and analysing resilience is very important. Therefore, particular attention is paid to propagation measures: distance, centrality, efficiency and robustness at the step-time interval to help evaluate the process. Finally, a list of the most recent open issues on social propagation is presented.


Dr. Dariusz Krol is employed as Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow by the Smart Technology Research Centre within the School of Design, Engineering & Computing at the Bournemouth University (UK). He is also an Assistant Professor (on leave) at Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland. Currently working on error propagation phenomenon, knowledge dissemination and integration, cooperation/collaboration and recommendation, hybrid intelligent techniques, computational intelligence, adaptive and self-organising systems. Senior Member of IEEE, ACM Professional Member, co-editor of 1 book, author of 2 academic books and over 100 other publications including book chapters, journal and conference papers. On the editorial boards of Computational Intelligence magazine, International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies and International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies. He has served on programme committees for a number of international conferences in the areas of distributed and grid computing, Web technologies, intelligent and multi-agent systems.

Date: 29th  January, 2014.

Time: 14.00-15.00 hrs

Venue:  QMUL Maths:1.03

2014 January 29- Dariusz Król