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Speaker 1: Qichen Wang

Title : Cooperative Path Planning for Multi-Vehicle System: A Reinforcement Learning Approach


Path-planning for multiple vehicles is a topic relevant to many areas of research including navigation and robotics. In this research, we present a novel approach for cooperative movement management to examine how two objects can orchestrate their movements so as to avoid collisions and retain a good chance of returning to their intended paths.


Speaker 2: Yue Jia

Title : Resilient and Efficient Delivery over Message-Oriented Middleware


Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) is a middleware that provides an asynchronous method of passing information between networked applications. MOMs can be based on a publish/subscribe model, which offers a robust paradigm for message delivery. Recently, MOM based systems have been used to integrate enterprise systems over geographically distributed areas, like the ones used in financial services, telecommunication applications, transportation and  health-care systems. However, the reliability of a MOM system must be verified as well as the guarantees of delivery and reachability to all intended destinations. This paper provides a suitable way of checking the configuration of a MOM system by building a model and using Linear-time Temporal Logic and Computation Tree Logic rules to verify certain constraints. In addition a code generator and a sub-paths detector are implemented to make the system checking more user-friendly and efficient.


Date: 3rd  April, 2013.

Time: 14.00-15.00 hrs

Venue:  QMUL Maths:1.03

2013 April 3- Qichen Wang & Yue Jia