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Speakers: Ran Tao & Dr. Stefan Poslad

Title: Scalable and Resilient Middleware to Handle Information Exchange for Environment Crises

The EU FP7 TRIDEC project focuses on enabling real-time, intelligent, information management of collaborative, complex, critical decision processes for earth management. A key challenge is to promote a communication infrastructure to facilitate interoperable environment information services during environment events and crises such as tsunamis and drilling, during which increasing volumes and dimensionality of disparate information sources, including sensor-based and human-based ones, can result, and need to be managed. Such a system needs to support: scalable, distributed messaging; asynchronous messaging; open messaging to handling changing clients such as new and retired automated system and human information sources becoming online or offline; flexible data filtering, and heterogeneous access networks (e.g., GSM, WLAN and LAN). In addition, the system needs to be resilient to handle the ICT system failures, e.g. failure, degradation and overloads, during environment events.

In TRIDEC, to build such a messaging system, message oriented middleware is selected because of its support for asynchronous, loosely coupled, and multiple-to-multiple communication. Furthermore, a head-edge heterogeneous federated broker topology is proposed with distributed management agents to provide the resilient & scalable messaging service. The framework has been demoed in TRIDEC Y2 Review.

Date: 23rd  January, 2013.

Time: 14.00-15.00 hrs

Venue:  QMUL Maths:1.03

2013 Jan 23- Ran Tao & Dr. Stefan Poslad