Speaker: Prof Chaowei Wang

Title: On the researches of I&ET Lab in BUPT

Abstract: Dr. Chaowei Wang is with the Information & Electronics Technology Lab, School of EE, Beijing University of Posts &Telecommunications. In this talk the research topics of his team will be covered. And the major funded programs and some of the key technologies will be briefed.

Bio: Prof Wang is an assistant-professor of school of EE in BUPT, he receives his PhD in 2010. His research interests include radio transmission theory and network techniques. He is now funded by ZTE and BUPT’s innovation funding . He has done researches in radio transmission technologies, communication simulation tools and network technologies, etc.

Date: 21st November, 2012.

Time: 14.00-15.00 hrs

Venue:  QMUL Maths:1.03

2012 Nov 21- Prof Chaowei Wang