Upcoming Seminar!!!!

Speaker: Muhammad Adnan

Title: Uncertainty of Identity: Analysis and Visualization of Social Media data

This talk will present some of the work I have been doing at UCL as part of an ESPRC funded project ‘Uncertainty of Identity’. The fission of different lifestyles and advent of new media and ubiquitous computing are embedding technology ever deeper into human identity. There has been a tremendous rise in the growth of online social networks all over the world in recent times. These social networks produce large amount of data every day, and analysis of these data can give us an insight into the online behavior of individuals. While discussing the different visualization techniques employed, this talk will present the analysis performed on the Twitter data to identify the aspects of cultural and ethnic identity.


Muhammad Adnan is a Research Associate at the Department of Geography, University College London. He received a PhD in GIS from University College London in 2011 and a Master in Software Engineering from Queen Mary College, University of London in 2007. His research focus is on data mining, algorithm optimisation, and visualisation of large spatio-temporal databases.


Date: 14th  November, 2012.

Time: 14.00-15.00 hrs

Venue:  QMUL Maths:1.03

2012 Nov 14- Muhammad Adnan