PhD Graduates

PhD Graduates


Lin Xiao: Radio Resource Allocation in Relay Based OFDMA Cellular Networks, January 2010 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)

Gouzhi Song: Queueing Networks for Vertical Handover, June 2009 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert, Dr John Schormans)

Yan(Cindy) Sun: TD-SCDMA Relay Networks, Feburary 2009, (Prof. Laurie Cuthbert)

Luo Liu: QoS in Node-disjoint Routing for Ad Hoc Networks, January 2009, (Prof. Laurie Cuthbert)


Vindya Wijeratne: Performance Evaluation by Aggregation of ON-OFF Traffic in Processor Sharing and Related Systems. October 2008 (Dr John Schormans)


Xiaonan(Frank) YANG: Improving Traffic Delivery in Ad Hoc Networks using Temporal Connectivity, November 2007, (Dr. Raul J Mondragon)


Lin Xiao: CDMA Bus Lane: A Cross-layer Protocol for QoS Routing in CDMA based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, September 2007 (Dr. Eliane Bodanese)


Ning LU: Utility-based Bandwidth Adaptation for QoS Provisioning in Multimedia Wireless Networks. 2007 (Dr John Bigham)


Xuan HUANG: Semantic Agent Support for Managed Open Information Retrieval Services . June 2007 (Dr Stefan Poslad)


Yapeng WANG: Intelligent Radio Resource Management for WLANs. June 2007 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Na YAO: A CBR Approach for Radiation Pattern Control in WCDMA Networks. January 2007 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Xiaoyan WANG: Active Queue Management for Real-time IP Traffic. October 2006 (Prof Jonathan Pitts)


Landong ZUO: A Semantic and Agent-based Approach to Support Information Retrieval, Interoperability and Multi-lateral Viewpoints for Heterogeneous Environmental Databases. 2006 (Dr S Poslad)


Peter UTTON: Distributed Negotiation for Fault Diagnosis in the Connected Home. August 2006 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Maheen HASIB: Analysis of packet loss probing in packet networks. June 2006 (Dr J.A. Schormans)


Xuefei LI: Multipath Routing and QoS Provisioning in Mobile Ad hoc Networks. April 2006 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Leonid TITKOV: Agent-Based Framework to Support Location-Aware Services and Manage Privacy for Nomadic Users. 2006 (Dr S Poslad)


Shaowen LU: A systematic multi-level abstraction approach to error constrained time-stepped accelerated simulation for MANETs. 2006 (Dr J.A. Schormans)


Sharifah ARIFFIN: Accelerated simulation of a packet buffer with a non-FIFO scheduler. March 2006 (Dr J.A. Schormans)


Ali RAZA: Layered Space Time Architectures For Mimo Wireless Channels. 2006 (Dr J.A. Schormans)


Huifang KONG: Pro-active Reservation Mechanisms for Next Generation Optical Networks. February 2006 (Dr C I Phillips)


Laurissa TOKARCHUK: Fuzzy and Tile Coding Approximation Techniques for Coevolution in Reinforcement Learning. December 2005 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Soamsiri CHANTARASKUL: An Intelligent-Agent Approach for Managing Congestion in W-CDMA Networks. August 2005 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Janet GILL: A Process Linking Safety, Threat, Availability and other Critical Risk Causal Factors to their System-Level Mitigators Relative to Hardware, Software, Human System Integration and Cost. 2005 (Dr J Bigham)


Karen SHOOP: Agent-Based Resource Management in IP Networks. 2005 (Dr J Bigham / Dr C I Phillips)


Jim TAN: Adaptive Management and Interoperability for Secure Semantic Open Services. 2005 (Dr S Poslad)


Chi Ming LEUNG: Non-Intrusive Measurement in Packet Networks and its Applications. February 2004 (Dr J.A. Schormans)


Lin DU: Intelligent Geographic Load Balancing for Mobile Cellular Networks. 2004 ( Dr J Bigham)


Rehan Abbas ZAIDI (MPhil):Real Time Trading Mechanisms for Automated Markets. December 2004 (Dr C I Phillips)


Ivan ÐORÐEVIC: Architecture for Dynamic and Secure Group Working. June 2004 (Dr C I Phillips)


Shi ZHOU: Parameterising and Modelling the Internet Topology. July 2004 (Dr R. Mondragon)


Dong SONG: Resilience provisioning mechanisms for IP-centric optical networks. November 2003 (Dr C. I. Phillips).


Yue CHEN Soft Handover Issues in Radio Resource Management for 3G WCDMA Networks September 2003 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Ho I (Athen) MA: Accelerated Simulation of Power-Law Traffic in Packet Networks. September 2003 (Dr J.A. Schormans)


Lester HO:Self-Organising Algorithms for Fourth Generation Wireless Networks and its Analysis using Complexity Metrics (The thesis is not yet publicly available for commercial re as ons. Ple as e see this paper for details “applying emergent self-organising behaviour for the coordination of 4G networks using complexity metrics” ) June 2003 (Professor Jonathan Pitts)


Robert STEWART, End-toEnd Delay Analysis for Small/Medium Scale IP Networks November 2002 (Dr John Schormans)


Veselin RAKOCEVIC Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in Multi-class IP Networks using Utility Functions 2002 (Prof John Griffiths)


Enjie LIU A Hybrid Queueing Model for Fast Broadband Networking Simulation 2002 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Susanne KALENKA Modelling social interaction attitudes in multi-agent systems June 2001 (Prof Nick Jennings)


Lisa HOGG Control of social reasoning in resource bounded agents April 2001 (Professor Nick Jennings)


Peyman FARATIN Automated Service Negotiation Between Autonomous Computational Agent December 2000 (Professor Nick Jennings)


Christodoulos CHRISTODOULOU Neural Network Pattern Recognition in Biosignal Analysis November 2000 (Dr John Bigham)


Eliane BODANESE A Distributed Channel Allocation Scheme for Cellular Networks using Intelligent Software Agents November 2000 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Felicia HOLNESS Congestion Control Mechanisms within MPLS Networks October 2000 (Dr Chris Phillips)


Husam AWADALLA Resource Management for Multimedia Traffic over ATM Broadband Satellite Networks June 2000 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Arif AL-HAMMADI Intelligent Techniques for VBR Traffic Control in ATM Networks. March 2000 (Dr John Schormans)


Alex HAYZELDEN A Multiple-Agent System Approach for Resource Configuration in Communication Networks December 1999 (Dr John Bigham)


Rachel BOURNE Default reasoning using maximum entropy and variable strength defaults November 1999 (Dr Simon Parsons)


Louis (Sam) SAMUEL The Application of Non-Linear Dynamics to Teletraffic Modelling September 1999 (Prof Jonathan Pitts)


Babul MIAH A New Charging Scheme for ATM Based on QoS June 1999 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Tijana TIMOTIJEVIC System Level Performance of ATM Transmission over a DS-CDMA Satellite Link April 1999 (Dr John Schormans)


Steven WINSTANLEY Quality of Service over ATM Networks November 1998 (Professor Laurie Cuthbert)


Sutha SIVAGNANASUNDARAM GSM Mobility Management using an Intelligent Network Platform April 1998 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Hassan KAZEMIAN Study of MIMO learning Fuzzy Controllers for Dynamic System Applications April 1998 (Dr Eric Scharf)


Maria NATARIO-RAMALHO Application of an Automatically Designed Fuzzy Logic Decision Support System to Connection Admission Control in ATM Networks March 1997 (Dr Eric Scharf)


Matthew BOCCI Concurrent Cell Rate Simulation of ATM Telecommunications Networks March 1997 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)


Paula FONSECA Traffic Control Mechanisms with Cell-Rate Simulation for ATM Networks May 1996 (Prof Laurie Cuthbert)