PhD Graduates



Academic Staff


Dr John Bigham Reader
Dr Eliane L. Bodanese Lecturer
Prof Laurie Cuthbert Professor, Head of Department, Head of Networks Group
Dr Raul Mondragon Senior Lecturer
Dr Chris Phillips Reader
Prof Jonathan Pitts Professor
Dr Stefan Poslad Lecturer
Dr John Schormans Senior Lecturer
Dr Laurissa Tokarchuk Lecturer
Dr Peter Utton Lecturer


Research Professors, Academic Visitors


Prof Celia Glass

EPSRC "Discipline-Hopping" Visiting Professor

Carolyn Story Visiting Professorial Fellow
Dr Gengxin Zhang Academic Visitor


Research Staff


Damian Ryan

Co-operative Learning Mechanisms for Control of Wireless Telecommunications Networks

Yapeng Wang

Resource Management for New Radio Technologies and Indoor Usage

Dr Matthew Woolf

Non Linear Dynamics in Telecommunications Networks

Dr Tijana Timotijevic Project Manager (Research) for EPSRC grant "Bridging the Gaps - Building a New Community:
Modelling, Visualisation and Verification of Large Scale Systems"


Joint Programme Teaching Staff

Dr Yue Chen Director of Offshore Operations
Dr Athen Ma Distance Studies Director
Dr Karen Shoop      Teaching Fellow


Current Research Students


Peter Adams Fault Demarcation and Electromagnetic Interference Identification for Broadband DSL Access
Girum Aklilu Chaotic Map Modelling for Internet Resource Management
Vindya Amaradasa Performance Evaluation by Aggregation of On-off Traffic in Processor Sharing and Related Systems
Ioannis Barakos Ubiquitous Knowledge-based Management of ICT Services in the Home
Javesh Boodnah Trust and Security in Adhoc Networks
Touseef Chaudhery Congestion Control for Real-Time Applications that use Scalable-Codecs
Bob Chew  
Yiran Gao Inter-provider Dynamic VPNs
Ali Hassan Intelligent Connection Management for Optical Networks
Huai Huang Analysis and Control of LRD Traffic using Multiplexer & Demultiplexer Loaded with Heterogeneous ON/OFF Sources
Zhijia Huang Traffic Invariants in Telecommunicaiton Networks
Peng Jiang Cooperative Control of Relay based Cellular network
Xuan Jin Certificate-Based Distributed Firewalls
Kraisak Kesorn Cross-Linked Multi-Semantic Multi-Mode Annotations for Images Retrieval
Zekeng Liang Multi-Agent and Autonomic System Models of Ambient Intelligence
Ling Liu Large Scale Simulation of Telecommunication Networks
Luo Liu
Weizhi Luo Intelligent Access System Selection in Heterogeneous Network Environment
Filipe Marques Da Silva Cabral Pinto MBMS and IMS Integration
Lina Men QoS based vertical handoff between WLAN and WiMAX compatible with the IEEE 802.21 framework
Dejian Meng Intelligent Management of Context-Aware Services
Usman Naeem Monitoring the Aged in a Home Environment - Analysis of the Intentions of Elderly People with Alzheimer’s Disease while Conducting Everyday Activities of Daily Life (ADL)
Syeda Samana Naqvi Packet level performance measurement over wireless
Rupert Ogilvie Development of Improved Measurement Techniques for Use in IP Networks
Haris Pervaiz

Sustaining Wireless Coverage in Cellular Networks in Disaster & Emergency scenarios

Oliver Shepherd Internet Telephony in Multi-Scale 802.11 Wireless Networks
Konstantinos Smparounis Agent-Based Dynamic Charging in a Multi-Service Environment
Linlin Song Power Control in Ad Hoc Networks
Guozhi Song Radio Resource Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks for QoS Support
Yan Sun Ad hoc TD-SCDMA Network
Jinfu Wang  
Jiayi Wu  
Lin Xiao
Xu Yang
Bo Yu Control Theoretic Modelling of TCP Behaviour in Networks
Dan Zhang
Dapeng Zhang Routing Protocol of Wireless Mesh Networks
Kejing Zhang A use of predicting modules for radiation pattern control in W-CDMA networks
Jun Zhang Ubiquitous and Flexible Distributed Computing