Mar 022017
  • Dr. John Schormans and collaborators have won the Vodafone Biggest Contribution to R&D Award for their work on delivering a superior Quality of Experience. Their results help network operators better determine the quantity of MEC nodes and the optimum deployment locations (October).
  • The Sixteenth Mathematics of Networks (MoN) co-organised by Dr. Richard Clegg took place on 12th September at the University of Sussex.  30 researchers from academia and industry met to listen to a variety of talks themed around control and management of networks.  Slides and videos of talks are on the website (September).
  • Dr. John Schormans spent 2 days in the Vodafone Lab, working with Teragence and engineers on packet level measurements in support of Vodafone’s plan to develop a Mobile Edge Computing capability (September).
  • Paper “Loom: Complex Large-Scale Visual Insight for Large Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management” by Dr. Felix Cuadrado and colleagues has been accepted at the Future Generation Computer Systems journal. This is one of the top journals for computer systems research. (August).
  • Poster “Raphtory: Decentralised Streaming for Temporal Graphs” by Ben Steer, Dr. Felix Cuadrado, and Dr. Richard Clegg gained the Best Poster Award at the 11th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems (DEBS). This is one of the premier venues for real time distributed systems research (July).
  • Paper “Keddah: Capturing Hadoop Network Behaviour” by Jie Deng, Dr. Gareth Tyson, Dr. Felix Cuadrado and Prof. Steve Uhlig has been published at the IEEE International Conference of Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS). This is one of the premier conference for distributed systems research (July).
  • Research by Dr. Gareth Tyson and collaborators has received wide media coverage, including by the BBC, The Times, Daily Mail, Science Daily, and radio interviews on BBC Radio and Radio Forth. The work explored the use of machine learning to detect “catfishing” on social media – the act of lying about your demographics. The paper was published in IEEE/ACM ASONAM’17, a top conference for social media with an acceptance rate of 19% (June).
  • Paper “Milking the Cache Cow with Fairness in Mind” by Dr. Gareth Tyson and collaborators has been accepted in IEEE/ACM Transactions in Networking. This is the premier journal of networks research with an impact factor of 3.376 (May).
  • Paper “Emu: Rapid Prototyping of Networking Services” by Dr. Richard Clegg and collaborators has been accepted at the USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC). This is one of the premier conference for systems research with an acceptance rate of 21% (April).
  • Dr. Ignacio CastroProf. Steve Uhlig and Dr. Felix Cuadrado have been awarded £2.5 million in funding from the EPSRC. The project, EARL (sdn EnAbled MeasuRement for alL), will investigate the use of Software Defined Networking in Internet Exchange Points (April).
  • Prof. Steve Uhlig will be delivering the keynote speech at this year’s Network and Traffic Measurements Workshop (TMA) in Dublin (March).
  • Paper “Faces in the Clouds: Long-Duration, Multi-User, Cloud-Assisted Video Conferencing” by Dr. Richard Clegg and collaborators has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing. This is the premier journal for research in cloud computing (March).
  • Dr. Gareth Tyson and Prof. Steve Uhlig have been awarded a grant: ”CaMCoWCharacterising Mobile Content Networks in the Wild“. The project will design ways to improve content delivery in European cellular infrastructures (February).


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Jan 122016
  • Dr Marjan Falahrastegar has passed her PhD viva with a thesis entitled “The Complex Third-Party Tracking Ecosystem: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective“. Congratulations (December)!
  • Dr. Gareth Tyson has been awarded a grant (alongside University of Cambridge) for bootstrapping a new measurement infrastructure in Africa: AIMO. The pump-priming project will last 6 months, and will support initial deployments in South Africa (October).
  • Timm Böttger has won this year’s Brendan Murphy Memorial Young Researcher Prize for his presentation at MSN’16 about his recent research on Netflix (July).
  • Dr. Gareth Tyson has been awarded the Outstanding Reviewer Award at the 10th AAAI International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM). This is the premier conference for social media research (May).
  • Prof. Steve Uhlig has been appointed as Area Editor for IEEE/ACM Transaction on Networking. Congratulations (April)!
  • The Networks Group will be leading organisation of the next Passive and Active Measurements Conference (PAM) - Prof. Steve Uhlig will be the TPC chair of PAM 2017, hosted in Sydney (April).
  • Paper “Privacy-aware Multipath Video Caching for Content-Centric Networks” by Dr. Gareth Tyson, Prof. Steve Uhlig and collaborators has been accepted in the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC). This is one of the highest impact journals in the field, with an impact factor of 3.45 (February).
  • Paper “Tracking Personal Identifiers Across the Web” by Marjan Falahrastegar, Dr. Hamed HaddadiProf. Steve Uhlig and collaborators has been accepted in the Passive and Active Measurement conference (PAM). This is one of the top conferences for Internet measurements research (January).
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Jan 162015
  • Congratulations to all the organisers of the ACM DEV’15 conference hosted at QMUL this week. The conference, locally chaired by Dr. Gareth Tyson, focussed on technologies for developing regions and was also co-located with an IRTF GAIA meeting (December).
  • Paper “iBGP2: a scalable iBGP redistribution mechanism leading to optimal routing” by Prof. Steve Uhlig has been accepted to IEEE INFOCOM. This is one of the premier networking conferences with an acceptance rate of 18% (November).
  • Paper “Demystifying and Mitigating TCP Stalls at the Server Side” by Prof. Steve Uhlig has been accepted to ACM CoNEXT. This is one of the premier networking conferences with an acceptance rate of 21% (September)
  • Congratulations to all the local organisers of the ACM SIGCOMM’15 conference, including Prof. Steve UhligDr. Hamed Haddadi and Dr. Felix Cuadrado! The conference, organised primarily by Queen Mary University of London, Tallinn University of Technology and Microsoft Research, was a huge success and enjoyed by (hopefully!) everybody there.
  • Funded PhD position available, investigating the role of data in our society, and how technology can be used to give greater control to users. This is under the supervision of Dr. Hamed Haddadi. Further details can be found here (August).
  • Kleomenis Katevas has won this year’s Brendan Murphy Memorial Young Researcher Prize for his presentation at MSN’15 at Cosener’s House (July).
  • Queen Mary has been again ranked as a world top 100 university by the QS University Rankings (June).
  • Dr. Stefan PosladDr. Eliane Bodanese and Dr. John Bigham have been awarded a Queen Mary Innovation Fund award to trial a novel prototype indoor tracking system to monitor and evaluate the movement of people in indoor spaces focussing on libraries and retail outlets (June).
  • Research Assistant position available, investigating software defined networking and Internet exchange points. This is part of the H2020 project ENDEAVOUR, alongside Prof. Steve Uhlig and Dr. Felix Cuadrado. Further details can be found here (March).
  • New PhD studentship available on Big Data and large-scale dynamic graph sensing, supervised by Dr. Felix Cuadrado! Further details can be found here (March).
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Jan 202014
  • Prof. Steve Uhlig and Dr. Felix Cuadrado have been awarded €922K as part of the Horizon 2020 ENDEAVOUR project. Queen Mary will coordinate the 3-year project, worth €4.2M, focusing on the use of software defined networking technologies within Internet Exchange Points (September).
  • Queen Mary has, once again, jumped up in the QS World University Rankings, entering the global Top 100. We are now 98th in the world (September).
  • Paper “Energy-Efficient Real-Time Human Mobility State Classification Using Smartphones” by Thomas Oshin, Dr. Stefan Poslad and Zelun Zhang has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Computers. This is a premier journal, ranked A* by CORE (July).
  • Zelun Zhang has successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Use of Foot Force Sensors Combined with Mobile Phone GPS for Improved Mobility Detection“. He has now taken a position at HSBC bank in the UK (June).
  • Thomas Oshin has successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Energy-Efficient Location Determination for Human Mobility Analysis and Monitoring Using Smart Mobile Devices” (June).
  • Paper “Optimum Use of Foot Force Sensors and Mobile Phone GPS for Mobility Activity Recognition” by Zelun Zhang and Dr. Stefan Poslad has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Sensors Journal. This is one of the premier journals in the area, with an impact factor of 1.48 (June).
  • Prof. Jonathan Pitts has won the annual Bruce Dickinson Award for the best Queen Mary Enterprise Activity. This was for his involvement in co-founding the spin-out company Actual Experience (May).
  • Dr. Michael Chai and Dr. Yue Chen have been awarded €340k as part of a 5-partner €1.2M European projectIRENE: Improving the Robustness of Urban Electricity Networks“. This project is focusing on making future energy generation more resilient, as well as minimising the impact of power failures on critical infrastructure for smart city scenarios (May).
  • The Networks group have had two papers by Prof. Steve Uhlig and Dr. Felix Cuadrado accepted at the premier International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS). The Microsoft Academic Rankings ranks this as the highest impact distributed computing conference, with an acceptance rate of only 13% (March).
  • The Networks group have had two papers by Prof. Steve Uhlig and Dr. Gareth Tyson accepted at the IFIP Networking Conference. This is one of the premier venues for networking research, with an acceptance rate of 25% (March).
  • Networks group spin-out, Actual Experience, co-founded by Prof. Jonathan Pitts, saw its shares jump to more than four times its float price on the first day listed on the Alternative Investment Market, having been originally valued at £15.5 million. Full story can be found here (February).
  • Dr. Iftekharul Mobin, who finished his PhD in November 2013, is now working in NatterBox. Congratulations! (January).
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