Mar 022017
  • Poster “Raphtory: Decentralised Streaming for Temporal Graphs” by Ben Steer, Dr. Felix Cuadrado, and Dr. Richard Clegg gained the best poster award at the 11th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems (DEBS). This is one of the premier venues for real time distributed systems research (July).
  • Paper “Keddah: Capturing Hadoop Network Behaviour” by Jie Deng, Dr. Gareth Tyson, Dr. Felix Cuadrado and Prof. Steve Uhlig has been published at the IEEE International Conference of Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS). This is one of the premier conference for distributed systems research (July).
  • Research by Dr. Gareth Tyson and collaborators has received wide media coverage, including by the BBC, The Times, Daily Mail, Science Daily, and radio interviews on BBC Radio and Radio Forth. The work explored the use of machine learning to detect “catfishing” on social media – the act of lying about your demographics. The paper was published in IEEE/ACM ASONAM’17, a top conference for social media with an acceptance rate of 19% (June).
  • Paper “Milking the Cache Cow with Fairness in Mind” by Dr. Gareth Tyson and collaborators has been accepted in IEEE/ACM Transactions in Networking. This is the premier journal of networks research with an impact factor of 3.376 (May).
  • Paper “Emu: Rapid Prototyping of Networking Services” by Dr. Richard Clegg and collaborators has been accepted at the USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC). This is one of the premier conference for systems research with an acceptance rate of 21% (April).
  • Dr. Ignacio CastroProf. Steve Uhlig and Dr. Felix Cuadrado have been awarded £2.5 million in funding from the EPSRC. The project, EARL (sdn EnAbled MeasuRement for alL), will investigate the use of Software Defined Networking in Internet Exchange Points (April).
  • Prof. Steve Uhlig will be delivering the keynote speech at this year’s Network and Traffic Measurements Workshop (TMA) in Dublin (March).
  • Paper “Faces in the Clouds: Long-Duration, Multi-User, Cloud-Assisted Video Conferencing” by Dr. Richard Clegg and collaborators has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing. This is the premier journal for research in cloud computing (March).
  • Dr. Gareth Tyson and Prof. Steve Uhlig have been awarded a grant: ”CaMCoWCharacterising Mobile Content Networks in the Wild“. The project will design ways to improve content delivery in European cellular infrastructures (February).


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